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Hitchcock ISD new CTE program building future educators

Hitchcock ISD new CTE program building future educators
Hitchcock ISD Communications

Hitchcock ISD's Career and Technical Education (CTE) program introduced a new class, Principles of Education, for the 2022-23 school year focused on building future educators.

Housed at Hitchcock High School (HHS), the Principles of Education class was granted to the district as part of the Texas Education Agency’s Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) “Grow Your Own” program.

With this being the first year of the class’ existence, more than 40 students have joined. Split between two classes of approximately 20 students each, the first group of students had the opportunity last week to travel to Hitchcock Primary School (HPS), where they observed current Hitchcock ISD teachers and paraprofessionals in their element. 

“Our students were very excited and had so much fun they wanted to stay the whole day,” said Rachel Sanchez, instructor of Principles of Education. “I could see how excited the HPS students were as well and how much they looked up to the older students. All around, it was an extremely gratifying experience and I even had a student tell me when we got back to the high school that this experience made her know for sure she wants to be a teacher."

Each class will have the opportunity to observe Hitchcock ISD teachers throughout the year on a rotational basis. The second class will attend observations at HPS on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022.

“The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the teaching profession in hopes of students to make a career of education,” said Patrick Faour, coordinator of Assessment and Accountability at Hitchcock ISD. “Whether they choose the education field or not in the future they will be learning skills to help them be successful in any profession.”

The Principles of Education class will be followed by Human Growth and Development, Instructional Practices and Practicum in Education and Training. Students will leave the program having built a foundation of future teachers and a certification.

The new CTE program is open to all HHS students.

For more information about the program, contact Patrick Faour at